Wax Tunnel®

<Wax Tunnel®X-ray View>
<Wax Tunnel®X-ray View>
The Wax Tunnel takes care of everything from applying the perfect amount liquid wax to drying said wax all in under 30 seconds. Your skis or board are ready to shred immediately, giving you more time to enjoy the slopes all thanks to the Wax Tunnel®. It even increases your speed and response time on the slopes, so you can rest assured that you'll have an even better time than you expected.
Business Days
Dec 22, 2023 (Fri) - Mar 24, 2024 (Sun)
Business Hours
10:00AM - 4:00PM
FREE! (under current campaign terms)
Inawashiro Ski Resort Base Area, near Base No. 1 Quad boarding area
Wax Tunnel® State of service
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