Announcing Acquisition of Inawashiro Kanko Hotel

Aug 04,2023
Thank you for your continued support of Inawashiro Ski Resort.
We would like to share a press release from our management company, DMCaizu Co., Ltd.

DMCaizu Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Inawashiro-machi, Fukushima-ken, lead by Shoji Endo, President and CEO, hereafter referred to as "The Company") has begun management of Inawashiro Kanko Hotel, located directly adjacent to Inawashiro Ski Resort, through acquisition by Villa Inawashiro Co., Ltd. (100% child-company of The Company, hereafter referred to as "Villa") effective as of August 4th, 2023.
Villa has succeeded operations of Inawashiro Kanko Hotel Ltd. (Headquarted in Inawashiro-machi, Fukushma-ken, lead by Yasuhiro Wakui, President and CEO) via an absorption-type company split .

Purpose of Acquisition of Inawashiro Kanko Hotel
In addition to the management of Inawashiro Ski Resort, which boasts a leading number of guests among the Tohoku region, The Company is also developing other ski resorts, golf courses, accommodations, michi-no-eki (roadside rest areas), and other resort facilities in the Aizu region.
The reason The Company has acquired Inawashiro Kanko Hotel is to promote smoother operations between the hotel and Inawshiro ski resort, as well as further develop exisiting services, while also creating new toursim opportunities for guests. We believe that this acquisition will allow for even faster development of local sightseeing operations and allow us to improve both convenience and satisfaction of guests. We also hope that this will allow The Company to strengthen relations with the town we are based out of, Inawashiro-machi, and help to improve the local economy and through promotion of the town's attractions to the fullest.
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