Acquisition Announcement of Inawashiro Rising Sun Hotel

Oct 27,2022
Thank you for your continued support of Inawashiro Ski Resort.
We are pleased to share a press release from the management company of Inawashiro Ski Resort’s management company, DMCaizu Co., Ltd.

DMC aizu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Inawashiro-machi, Fukushima Prefecture, President: Shoji Endo, hereinafter "the company") has reached an agreement with Inawashiro Rising Sun Hotel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “RSH”), which operates the hotel, and McEarth Co., Ltd., a major snow resort and parent company of RSH (Headquarters: Yabu-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, CEO: Tatsumi Ichinomoto), to acquire the aforementioned Inawashiro Rising Sun Hotel (Villa Inawashiro).
Under the terms of the acquisition, RSH will be established as a new company that will take over the hotel business by way of an incorporation-type demerger, and the Company will acquire all of the outstanding shares of the new company RSH, making it a subsidiary of the Company. (The share acquisition is scheduled to take place in late November.)

Purpose of Acquisition of Inawashiro Rising Sun Hotel (Villa Inawashiro)
In addition to operating Inawashiro Ski Resort, which boasts one of the largest numbers of visitors in the Tohoku region, the Company operates several ski resorts, lodging facilities, roadside stations, and various other resort facilities in the Aizu region.
By adding Inawashiro Rising Sun Hotel (Villa Inawashiro), which is adjacent to the Inawashiro Ski Resort, our home base, to the group, we intend to promote various measures through integrated operation of the ski resort and hotel, establish the hotel as a local landmark, and renovate guest rooms among other improvements to further expand business performance through convenience and satisfaction for visitors and guests.
We would also like to contribute to the development of the local economy and increase local value by further strengthening the relationship between our company and the local community in Inawashiro-machi by working together to attract customers.

A pdf version of this press release can be found here.
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