Inawashiro Global Snow School Opening Announcement

Sep 16,2022
Thank you for your continued support of Inawashiro Ski Resort.
In order to exceed our loyal customers expectations like never before, we are have created a ski school that is united with our ski resort. We are proud to announce the opening of the Inawashiro Global Snow School (hereby referred to as IGSS).
What makes our ski school special is our Lesson Management System. It will allow us to track your past lessons in order to create a personalized currciulum to help meet your goals.You can also elect to take your lessons from our native-English-speaking instructors, leveling up your English alongside your ski/snowboard skills. It's as if you've traveled abroad without ever leaving Japan.
We aim to deliver enriching lessons through our SAJ and SIA Recognized school.
School operations will be handled by certified experts with plentiful experience, as they always have been. The main members of this team are listed below (in no particular order).
SAJ School Director: Junichi Kobayashi (previously Director of Inawashiro Ski School)
SIA School Director: Wataru Suzuki (previously Manager of Inawashiro Pro Ski School)

All of our staff are eagerly awaiting your visit to Inawashiro Ski Resort this 2022-23 season.
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